“Microbirth” is a  60 minute documentary looking at the latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth.
“Microbirth” reveals the latest scientific thinking on how best to “seed” a baby’s microbiome in order to build the strongest possible immune system. This cutting-edge science has the potential to not only improve the health of our children across a lifetime, but also across generations still to come.

  • Winner: Grand Prix Award, Ekotopfilm, Prague 2016
  • Winner: Main Prize (Science and Technology), Envirofilm, Bratislava 2016
  • Winner: Grand Prix Award, Life Sciences Film Festival, Prague 2014

Featuring thirteen leading professors from around the world:

  • MARTIN BLASER, Director of the Human Microbiome Program & Professor of Translational Medicine, New York University
  • MARIA GLORIA DOMINGUEZ BELLO, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, New York University
  • RODNEY DIETERT, Professor of Immunotoxicology, Cornell University
  • PHILIP STEER, Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics, Imperial College, London
  • NEENA MODI, Professor of Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College, London
  • MATTHEW HYDE, Research Associate in the Section of Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College, London
  • SUE CARTER, Professor, Behavioral Neurobiologist, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • ALEECA BELL, Assistant Professor, Dept of Women, Children and Family Health Science,
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • STEFAN ELBE, Professor of International Relations, University of Sussex and Director of Centre for Global Health Policy
  • ANITA KOZYRSKYJ, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta and Co-Principal Investigator, Synergy in Microbiota Research (SyMBIOTA)
  • JACQUELYN TAYLOR, Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Yale
  • HANNAH DAHLEN, Professor of Midwifery, University of Western Sydney
  • LESLEY PAGE, Professor of Midwifery, King’s College London and President, Royal College of Midwives


“A great and well-deserved award! and a fabulous film!”
Dr. Sarah Buckley MB, ChB, Dip Obst

Author, "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering"

“Such an honour and a privilege to showcase this outstanding work”
Dr. Sarah Bayes

Assoc. Head of School, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Edith Cowan University, Australia

“As a microbiologist I found the film was excellent and extremely insightful.”
Ibra Khan

Microbiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London

“I very much enjoyed Microbirth and feel as though it was a deserving winner of this film festival award. Great interviews and well-handled subject matter.”
Josh Neufeld

Asst. Prof. Dept of Biology, University of Waterloo, Canada

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